How to Achieve Living Soil for Robust Growth

While there’s a lot we can do to help improve soil conditions, more gardeners are turning away from chemical enhancement and toward cultivating living soil. What’s living soil? Learn more about its components and how it can benefit plant growth.
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Maximizing Cannabis Growth Using Silica

Silica plays a pivotal role in fortifying the structural integrity of cannabis plants. It is absorbed by the plant and then deposited within the cell walls as hydrated amorphous silica. This process results in thicker, stronger cell walls, making the plant more robust and resistant to external stressors.
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Nutrient Cycle Timing for Your Cannabis Plants

If your seedling appears to lose its dark green color, you can use a seaweed solution to supply additional energy and minerals. Simply spray ½ seaweed solution (use ½ strength of bottle recommendations) on the young seedlings.
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