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You can’t control nature, but you can certainly help her out. At Harvest Hero, we apply science to the art of growing, creating soil mixes that give plants the very best start to their journey. And that gives you incredible results.

Enhanced Perlite Mix Bag

Harvest Hero
Enhanced Perlite Mix

Give your plants a boost in the critical initial stages of growth. Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix will help meet your plants’ vegetative growth needs by improving soil quality and providing plant nutrients.

Perlite + Silica

Harvest Hero
Perlite+ Silica

This all-natural mix fortifies your growing media, increases uptake in water and essential nutrients and helps to strengthen plant cell walls, combating abiotic stress.

Hydroponic Perlite

Harvest Hero
Hydroponic Perlite

Designed specifically for hydroponic systems, this 100% sterile growing medium delivers excellent drainage with increased oxygen uptake.


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