Harvest Hero Natural Soil Conditioner with Diatomaceous Earth


Natural Soil Conditioner – 100% natural soil substrate that improves soil conditions and supports resilience against abiotic stressors to optimize plant mass and yields.

  • 100% natural diatomaceous earth – A readily available silica source that helps fortify plant tissues.
  • Strengthens plant cell walls – Excellent source of soluble silicon which helps combat abiotic stress.
  • Reduces water costs – Improves the retention of moisture in potting mix, soil, and sandy soil holding a greater amount of fluid and drying at a slower rate.

Amending with Soil? Not sure what size bag you need? Visit our Grower’s Guide to help you figure out how much product you’ll need to ensure a robust crop.

Fortify Standard Growing Media With This AAPFCO Beneficial Plant Substance


  • Enhances resiliency towards biotic stress
  • Increases availability of water and essential nutrients
  • Maintains high levels of oxygen in the soil
  • Minimizes pH fluctuations


  • 100% natural soil substrate that optimizes plant growth
  • An added silica source that strengthens plants
  • Improves soil conditions for better plant mass
  • Improves water holding capacity


  • Containers plants
  • Root cuttings
  • Plant seedlings
  • Soil amendment for potting soil and raised garden beds
  • Hydroponic growing
  • Turf grass

Product Labels:  Download our product Technical data sheets

Natural Soil Conditioner TDS

Product Labels: Download our product label approved by the States’ Departments of Food and Agriculture.

Natural Soil Conditioner

Harvest Hero Natural Soil Conditioner is a natural, disease-free soil substrate that promotes strong growth and robust plant vigor. This 100% organic soil conditioner comprised of diatomaceous earth (DE) is a readily assimilated source of plant available silica which improves the incorporation and retention of essential nutrients. DE is proven to increase tolerance to abiotic plant stressors for healthy growth and improves water holding capacity.

Growing Medium

  1. Mix 3 parts Natural Soil Conditioner with 7-10 parts soil for potted plant (container) applications.
  2. Incorporate well, ensuring a well blended mixture.


  1. Mix 1/3 cup of Natural Soil Conditioner into your soil before transplanting your favorite plants and herbs.
  2. Be sure to dig a hole twice as wide as the plant being transplanted.
  3. Keep transplant at the original soil depth. Planting too deep can cause stem rot.

Hydroponic Growing Systems

  1. Perfect for hydroponic growing systems that supply available silica, keeping plants from becoming rubbery, limp, and waterlogged.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of irrigation water.
  3. Add this mixture once a week throughout the growing season. This mixture will keep irrigation water from acidifying and protects roots from pH changes.

Turf Grass

  1. DE can be applied on turf grass to develop strong root systems and create thicker, durable grass blades.
  2. Apply Natural Soil Conditioner with a drop spreader (Scott’s spreader setting 6) on grass surface early in the morning when dew is present.
  3. Apply at the rate of 1-pound DE per 1,000 square feet of lawn.
  4. Water lawn surface well to incorporate into the soil profile.
  5. One application lats for 3- 6 months to supply thick, lush turf grass that will withstand heavy traffic.

Spray and Soil Drenching

  1. Application of Natural Soil Conditioner helps develop strong growth and promotes luxuriant blooms.
  2. Mix 2 – 6 ounces of DE with 1 gallon of clear, warmwater and agitate well until product forms a milky solution.
  3. Spray plants using a small sprayer, heavy duty pump, or backpack sprayer until the mixture drops from leaf and stem surfaces. Be sure to spray both top and bottom leaf surfaces.
  4. Product should appear as a white hue on plant surfaces when application is correct.

State Shipping Availability

Every state has their own rules and regulations for product distribution of soil amendments, soil substrates and fertilizer products (because of course they do). Harvest Hero can be delivered in most states and is actively pursuing registration for Harvest Hero Perlite+ Silica in the rest. You can see below where we can currently deliver. Harvest Hero Perlite+ Silica is available for purchase in all states except Alaska, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Harvest Hero is actively pursuing registration for all products in every state. See here for a full list of product availability by state.

If you would like to be notified when Harvest Hero Perlite+ Silica is registered for distribution in your state, contact us at info@harvesthero.com.


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Soil Media Backed by Science

Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Diatomaceous Earth (100%)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms. It is a near-pure sedimentary deposit consisting almost entirely of silicon dioxide, one of the world’s most abundant elements, which is semi-soluble and essential for plant health. Silica improves cell wall strength and structural integrity. This allows diatomaceous earth to improve the soil quality while increasing resistance against abiotic plant stressors:

  • Drought
  • Waterlogging

It also aids in reducing salinity, promotes a neutral pH, adds matrix to the soil, and improves overall soil quality.



The Grower’s Guide to Enhanced Perlite Mix

Whether you’re a pro in the garden or you’re just getting started, Harvest Hero can help you figure out how much Enhanced Perlite Mix you’ll need to ensure a robust crop. We’ve carefully crafted the ideal amounts of Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix you’ll need based on how many plants you’re planning to grow. The calculations in the following chart use a “middle of the road” approach. They’ll work in most instances, but we’ve erred on the side of possibly too much to avoid the mistake of not having enough to sow your next crop.

Container SizeHarvest Hero Volume (Quarts)Peat or Coco Volume (Quarts)
10 GALLON1228
12 GALLON1533
15 GALLON1842
20 GALLON2456
25 GALLON3070
30 GALLON3684