Maximizing Cannabis Growth Using Silica

Silica plays a pivotal role in fortifying the structural integrity of cannabis plants. It is absorbed by the plant and then deposited within the cell walls as hydrated amorphous silica. This process results in thicker, stronger cell walls, making the plant more robust and resistant to external stressors.
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We all want the best for our plants. We provide ample light, water, and nutrients so that they thrive. So given the chance, why wouldn’t we fortify growth with a simple solution. For cannabis plants, silica is that solution.

What is Silica

Silica, or silicon dioxide, is an element found throughout nature. It’s a colorless, chemical compound formed from silicon and oxygen. Silica makes up part of the Earth’s crust and a majority of rocks you see every day, including quartz. When combined with oxygen, silica creates sand.

Silica is also found in the human body. At a molecular level, it helps form collagen found in the tissues of cartilage, bone, tendons, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. A natural element this versatile is bound to have a wide variety of benefits.

Benefits of Silica

While plants don’t need silica to survive, introducing the compound to soil provides many benefits, including:

  • Fortifies cell walls. Strong plants are more resilient and resistant to external stress, especially when grown outdoors.
  • Boosts metabolism and photosynthesis. Once absorbed by the plant, silica is deposited within the cell walls as hydrated amorphous silica. This process makes the plant more robust.
  • Improves nutrient uptake. As a micronutrient, silica helps develop a strong root system to absorb essentials like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Protects from soil contamination. Even if you have poor-quality soil, adding silica can help boost plant production.

Signs of Silica Deficiency

Even though a plant can survive without silica, there are some signs that you may want to add a supplement to improve health.

  • Yellowing leaves that curl or wilt
  • Weak stems
  • Slow growth
  • Reduced yields

These signs can also be caused by other deficiencies, so it’s best to perform a full diagnosis on your specific plant before adding any supplement.

Be sure not to add too much silica to your plants. Salt can build up and cause root damage. If the tips of the leaves start to brown or burn and you notice stunted growth and a lower yield, cut back on the amount of supplements you use.

How To Use Silica To Grow Healthier Cannabis Plants

Silica supplements can be added to soil, hydroponics, and any growing medium you’re currently using. Supplements come in liquid form that’s easily absorbed by the roots as needed. You can also spray the plant leaves in the later stages of development through the flowering stage.

Typically small plants rooted outdoors in living soil don’t require as much additional nutrients as those being grown indoors. However, a nutrient mix does give the plant a healthier advantage and is more likely to increase yields.

Choose Harvest Hero to Support Healthy Plant Growth

Whether you’re looking to improve soil quality or help your plants get the nutrition they need, Harvest Hero offers several silica-enhanced options.

Perlite+ Silica. A natural soil substrate that increases plant growth and improves soil conditions.
Natural Soil Conditioner with Diatomaceous Earth. Gives your plants the silica boost they need.

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