Growing Hacks for Greater Yields

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Start with High Quality Genetics

When it comes to growing bigger flowers, it’s important to start with high quality genetics. It’s been said that “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, and this is certainly true when it comes to growing cannabis to maximum the highest bud yields. Elite genetics will impart all the qualities you need to achieve maximum bud yields. With great seeds you can do a “fair” job of growing and still come out with fine herb. Poor seeds, even under the best conditions will only produce mediocre buds.

Use Premium Soil

The soil you select is second only to the genetics you grow. Using Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix will ensure great drainage, proper nutrients of potassium and phosphorus and generous amounts of available silica to safeguard healthy, robust growth, dense buds and tremendous nose. This 3-in-1 blend of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and essential nutrients improves soil conditions for better flower development, stronger plants, and increased yields. Simply mix 30% Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix with your favorite soil or soilless base such as sphagnum peat moss or coco coir and you’re set for success.

Container Type and Size

Containers come in many sizes and shapes. Their sole function is to hold the soil intact around the plant’s root system. Plastic nursery containers work fine but the best container to use is spun polyester fiber pots, or commonly termed, “smart pots”.  For auto (day neutral) flower cultivars we recommend 3-4-gallon volume containers filled with 30% Harvest Hero and 70% sphagnum peat moss.  For long cycle (photoperiod dependent) cultivars we recommend a 5-to-7-gallon fiber or “smart pot” filled with the Harvest Hero and peat moss 30% to 70% by volume.

Keep your plants spaced so there is good airflow between your plants. Once plants are tall you may need a trellis or some form of support to hold the developing flowers. Harvest Hero has silica infused in the mixture which will help prevent the need for support. Be sure your containers are placed on a surface which is free of standing water and drains easily once a watering cycle is performed.  If you see a buildup of a white powder or salts on the outside of your poly bags, flush the soil well with clear water and allow soil to dry before resuming the watering cycle.

Watering and Fertilizer Schedule

When it comes to watering, make sure to water well but not excessively. Keep soil damp during vegetative growth. Using Harvest Hero will ensure proper moisture levels and keep soils breathing! During the flowering stages you can let soils become dry between watering. Fertilize regularly, sometimes as much as once a week but when you do fertilize, do it lightly! Fertilize often but use ½ strength. It’s better to apply liquid fertilizers more often but with lesser amounts to ensure nutrients are available. Do twice recommended fertilizations with half the recommended amount. Focus on higher amounts of nitrogen fertilizers during the vegetative stage. This will create large plants and you will realize bigger yields of flowers. Harvest Hero will supply all the phosphorus and potassium your plants will need to produce excellent buds with rich terpenes.

Choose the Correct Lighting

Consider using high intensity lighting. Whether you use LED’s or halide/sodium lighting, make sure they are close to the canopy and deliver the light energy needed to stimulate robust growth. Keep your growing room temperatures between 70F to 78F degrees. Higher temperatures will favor mites and other diseases. Plants stop growing in temperatures above 80F degrees, so be mindful of your growing room environment.

The Best Way to Harvest

The final stage is harvesting. Harvest your buds once trichomes turn form being clear to just becoming slightly amber. Remember, you have to wait for the weight! Dry and cure your flowers slowly over a 6-8-day period to ensure the best flavor and aroma. Buds are dry when you can snap the stems with your fingers. Store your flower in glass jars.

Summary of our Growers Guide to Bigger Bud Production

  • Start with great genetics. There are many reputable seed suppliers to chose from. Try auto flowering varieties that will produce well and finish quick without all the drama.
  • Be sure to use Harvest Hero in your soil mix. This will guarantee positive gas exchange in the root zone.
  • Use hydrolyzed fish protein during the vegetative stage to produce robust growth.
  • Keep your lighting system at least 10” above the plant canopy.
  • Have a fan moving air around your plants. You should see the foliage gently swaying in the breeze. This air movement creates strong branching and aids in silica uptake, making plants even stronger.
  • Be sure to remove your male plants from the grow room. Even when dry, they can shed pollen and seed your plants. Keep an eye out for signs of male plants. They must be removed before shedding pollen or your buds will be seeded and lose potency.

Female plants have white hairs on the                           Male plants produce balls or sacks at
calyx and bracts.                                                                leaf axials.

  • Pinch the tops of your plants to promote bushiness and multiple tops which will eventually form buds. Try bending the stems downward to stimulate larger and thicker buds.
  • Dilute seaweed spray will supply all the trace minerals your plant will need and also stimulate bud growth. Spray with ¼ strength seaweed as often as you wish. We recommend an early morning, ¼ strength seaweed at least every week, sprayed lightly on the entire plant.
  • Remove the large sun leaves once flowering begins. This will allow light to penetrate the lower parts of the canopy, producing copious amounts of buds on plant parts that would normally only produce leaves.
  • Harvest your plants when trichomes are just turning amber and the aroma becomes pungent and sharp. The feel of the buds will be vey sticky and you will see the flowers covered in crystals.
  • Dry your flowers slowly, over a 6-10-day period. A slow cure produces the best taste and aroma. Keep them in a dark environment with steady airflow to prevent mildew. If you see any mold, remove it and discard immediately. Once dry, and you can tell by snapping the flower stem and hearing or feeling a crack, store you buds in a glass jar. Open the jar and air the buds once every 4 days for the first month after harvest. This will cure the flower and express and enhance the taste and aroma.

Great Varieties to Grow that are Photo Dependent (Long Cycle)

Northern Lights, AK-4, Purple Haze, Durban Poison, White Widow, OG Kush, Sour Diesel. Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue GMO, Tropicana Cookies

Great Autoflower Varieties to Grow

Royal Gorilla Automatic, Green Gelato Automatic, Sherbet Queen Automatic, White Widow Automatic, Amnesia Haze Automatic, Fat Banana Automatic, Purple Queen Automatic, Hulk Berry Automatic, Mimosa Automatic, Dos-Si-Dos Automatic             

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix, a 3-in-1 blend of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and essential nutrients will jump start your crops and help your plants get the nutrition they need to ensure robust, vigorous growth. This patent-pending soilless mix is great for recreational growers, or professional growers alike. Shop for Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix today and get FREE SHIPPING on all bag sizes from 8 quart to 3 cubic foot bags.

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